Our Methods

When it comes to marketing, service and event design, we want to have a beneficial effect on emotions!
Studying the theory and practice of human nature is the most important foundation for successful event marketing. There are social and human sciences, health sciences, cognitive sciences, philosophy and psychology - we have learned a lot about our species over the last 100 years. As your event agency, we apply scientific knowledge in our methodology.
Method 1

The Kano Model

Only an unexpected service, a pleasant surprise for example, will create enthusiasm. Without our interest in people and their needs, our service would only be half as effective.
Studying the theory and practice of being human is thus one of the most important prerequisites of our commitment to your event projects and your invited guests.

Marketing theory is based on knowledge

Social and human sciences, health sciences, cognitive science, philosophy and psychology - we have learned a lot about our kind over the last 100 years.
In this, we see your event management as one of the most significant tools. As your event agency, we apply scientific knowledge in our methodology.  One of these comes from Noriaki Kano - the Kano Model:
Method 2

Off Beat Service Model

From more than 22 years of experience with events and services for business and cultural events, one insight stands out: it's all the little human interactions (the off beats) that create sensual, positive experiences. It is not the actual service (the beats) that is the star, but the quality of its creation! Successful event design emphasizes not the beat, but the offbeat.

How It Works


Questions we ask:

What are the touch points of the different services? What sensory experiences are possible at the touch points? What exactly happens between the services?


The magic lies in all the little human interactions between the obvious services (the 4/4 beats).

The careful preparation of the bus transfer. Is a traffic jam expected? The good-humored driver who greets his passengers in their language. The chef has deliberately chosen the aperitif. The service staff is ready with filled glasses shortly before the guests arrive - and smiling. The event technicians have long since installed and hidden all the cables, and the microphone for the address is already on. Of course, it is known already who will take the microphone away from the speaker after the speech, so that he can shake hands with his guests.)


We influence mood by emphasising certain services (off beats):

As an event agency, we have learned to highlight (and sometimes even make visible for design reasons) these diverse human interactions in the "off beat". We put a lot of effort and passion into designing them and making them work in harmony. The effect is that guests and attendees at your events have the strangely joyful and uplifting feeling that everything is somehow pleasantly in flow, in a very relaxed way.


Composed Service Harmony

We design event services parallel and symbiotic. Of course the wine (the beat) must be good. But it will taste better, if being served with a smile (the off beat). Off Beat Service stimulates the left brain to tell the right side what hidden emotions are yet to be discovered!

Method 3


Solutions aren’t found in the internet, they are found in knowing the searcher. Before the solution can be determined, one must understand the needs of the people involved.
Understanding requires empathy and imagination. We practise these in a playful way. Right after the first briefing with our customers.  This enables us to foster ideas, improve communication and speed up problem solving.

Let’s Play Together

Let’s play together!

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