The Problem

Don't get stuck with research, event planning and implementation. There are trained and experienced professionals for that.
See also ACTE Corporate Travel Study and HRS Global Sourcing Study.

of travel planners say:
Hotel buying is enormously time and resource-consuming


of event managers say:
cost drivers at business events are catering, technology and logistics


of event managers complain: location search is very time-consuming!


of event planners say:
The biggest time wasters are programme budget creation and administration.

The Solution

Founded 1999 in Munich. Operating world-wide. Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Event Management for international corporations.

Event Management

We will organise your event! From the concept, to the planning, to the implementation. Trade fair dinners, stand parties, receptions. Enthusiasm among your participants is our minimum goal!

Meeting And Conference Planning

Research and smart purchasing of conference hotels and venues, optimisation of booking conditions, agenda-setting, technology, online-registration

Hotel Purchasing
For Groups

We will save your company money and time for you! Market benchmarking and best price guarantee included!


Comes from drive. We see it in a more laid-back way: Take your employees and customers on an adventure trip!

Event Locations

Discovering new places means to experience new perspectives! We will find the ideal event location for for every occasion.

Concept & Strategy

Your events are proven to be one of the most important tools to convey a positive image credibly and strongly to your partners, employees and all stakeholders.

Holistic Approach

Social responsibility and sustainable thinking are the foundation of our engagement.

Why Use An Agency?

Servicebroker helps you to reduce costs and save time.

As trained event and hotel professionals, we also ensure that you, your employees and guests feel comfortable on site. Wherever you go, we are your locals with the best tips and tricks for your stay!

Money & Time Saving

The commercial logic of our commitment is based on volume, frequency and continuity in cooperation with our suppliers (e.g. hotels, locations), as well as our focus on the most efficient (speed + price + quality) partnerships on the events-market. For our suppliers (hotels, event locations, catering companies, etc.), we are a cost-effective and target-oriented sales channel. They reward us with preferential conditions and availability. Our clients save money and time. All parties benefit from our matchmaking!

Professional Network

Wouldn't it be cool to have just the right local service partner anywhere in the world? A real pro, absolutely reliable with years of expertise and the best tips and tricks in his destination? We cultivate such a network and now it's yours too!


Many thousands of happy guests. Hundreds of successful events! Over 22 years of experience as an Event Agency! International network of professionals! We know how it is done!

Individual Service

The internet is still pretty stupid. Even though you can have a conversation with AI today, it still can't empathize with your needs! We can!

Technological Approach

It's true: The internet and artificial intelligence already replaced some traditional professions. With the job title "Servicebroker", we recognised this trend more than 20 years ago and seized the initiative. Servicebroker uses digital technologies to solve problems and challenges. They form a symbiosis of professional competence and digital tools.

For your wellbeing!

"Service has emancipated itself from performance. It’s about people who create better experiences together! The result of this joint endeavor is a higher quality of life. And if the service is really good – pure wellbeing!"

Dominik Markoč (Founder and first Servicebroker)

Let’s play together!

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