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Live. Virtual. Hybrid. Safe!

Your MICE / DMC / PCO Partner from Munich for Germany and Europe-wide.

Since 1999, we create event experiences: Grand gestures, modesty. Wellbeing, goose bumps. Shadow plays and colorful splendor! Casablanca and Star Wars! As versatile your message is, as diverse our methods to transfer it. Live & direct, virtual or hybrid (combines in person and virtual participation).

Enthusiasm is our minimum goal for your event! Careful needs assessment, gap-free planning and consistently targeted execution – that is our working methodology.

Benefit from our full service by trained and experienced event professionals: event locations, event catering, service personnel, event logistics, light and sound, stages and event tents – trust in our strong network!

We communicate your brand with heart and soul! Fresh and active! 100% service oriented! Focused on the well-being of your guests! Enjoy highest customer satisfaction through highest service quality!

Servicebroker is the right partner for your event!

The trend in event management is clearly moving towards hybrid (combining presence and virtual participation) and purely virtual events. Without doubt, live events with personal presence will and must continue to exist. However, participants will only travel locally and regionally. Air travel will be significantly reduced in order to protect the climate. These participants will then use virtual live content as well as pre-produced educational content, which can also be accessed after the live event. After only a few months of the corona crisis, hybrid and virtual events achieve an 8 to 10-fold increase in the number of participants!

Your events are evidently one of the most important instruments to communicate a positive image credibly and strongly to your partners, employees and all stakeholders. Together with you we develop holistic concepts and strategies for your events!

Conference hotel or convention center? Why not both? Or something else? Servicebroker considers your requirements, your goals and the needs of the participants involved from multiple perspectives. We often present you the closest solution. Sometimes, however, only the change of perspective sets the goal visible. Planning a meeting or conference? We advise you free of charge, find the right place for your event and realize it together with you!


  • Full service: Hotel brokerage and Event Service!
  • Best price guaranteed? Sure!
  • Our credo „More Feeling for Service!“. Precious!

I want to be there!“ Sounds like a good fringe event! Servicebroker inspires your guest trough unforgettable experiences, unexpected details and highest service quality! This is the only way for your company to imprint a positive and a long lasting message. Whether it is a gala or a stand party – your guest will be thankful!

Our Services:

  • Location Scouting
  • Event Service
  • Event Logistics
  • Catering
  • Staff
  • Shuttle Service

Are you looking for extraordinary event locations, or do you want to convey coziness with a traditional guesthouse? Do you have corporate messages for your guests? We present them! Powerful or discreet! Also in stadiums, on skyscrapers and architectural monuments!

The words “fully booked” do not exist in our vocabulary! We see challenges as a stimulus. For groups of 10 or more, we find and book hotel accommodations throughout Germany. As a long term partner and supplier to the international hotel industry, we negotiate the best conditions for you at the best price.

Use this free service and gain valuable time to invest in your more important tasks.

For meetings and conferences, we offer complete internet hotel booking applications in your design.

Offer your customers culinary highlights which invite them to stay. They will keep your hospitality in mind. Profit from our long-standing experiences all around catering.

We only use high-quality ingredients and our innovative creations have already inspired many renowned enterprises. Whether remarkable finger food for a reception, diverse refreshment bars, menus or buffets with staff on-site as well as the suitable equipment for your event.

With pleasure we provide to you a tailor-made offer. Bon appétit!

Our Services:

  • Catering Servicefrom conception to realization
  • Staff
  • Event logistics
  • Event technic

“Incentive“ comes originally from “drive“. This is impossible without a spark. To transmit this spark to your participants, we offer the following thoughts to jumpstart your incentive:

  • Invite your guest to an exceptional place – the new location will awake attention.
  • The journey to the newly discovered location – should be comfortable and not strenuous.
  • Together with your client, you are strong – promote your association with team spirit.
  • Our careful selection of culinary highlights supports the reception of your message.

Professional and smooth cooperation between all participating service providers lets you feel service quality!

Servicebroker – Transmit the Spark!

The successful course of a delegation trip is based on numerous factors:

  • Can existing relations be strengthened and developed?
  • Can new contacts be established?
  • Thereby, will new opportunities result?
  • Will a knowledge exchange take place?

As a host it is your goal to answer these questions positively and follow them with an exclamation mark. While the host is firmly concentrated on the result, interpersonal factors leading to positive success can often fall into the background. Experience your guests becomming business companions!

Through careful analysis of your goals, a precisely planned process, and professional selection and employment of the best suited service providers, Servicebroker ensures a welcome feeling for your guests. We hope that from your guests, you will gain business companions.


Call us: +49 (0) 89 / 60068060, or send us an E-Mail! We will be pleased to be at your service!

These original Servicebroker photos show people who feel comfortable  whether as guests or hosts. See impressions of evocative places and culinary delights. You see musicians and entertainers who let our service sound.

Service, which connects!