Man and Machine in the 21st Century – networked thinking, digital knowledge storage and barrier-free communication should facilitate life. Yet the constant, ungratified pursuit for the perfect machine, one with the same capabilities as man, generates continual disappointment, excessive demands, and it thus unsettles the society. Computer crashes, spam, spying, flawed operating systems, compatibility problems, media discontinuity, etc. rob valuable time and energy from our lives.

Servicebroker stands for the fusion of expertise, passion for service, and media competency. When a search machine fails to supply answers, we are there to help. Servicebroker knows that solutions aren’t found in the internet, they are found in knowing the searcher. Before the solution can be determined, one must understand the needs of the people involved.

Service, when viewed as an internationally understood language, is best suited to positively fulfill needs. Servicebroker offers human solutions to complex challenges through service concepts and service spaces.

Servicebroker GmbH is the pilot project of the above vision.