Service Quality

Service quality constitutes both the tangible service experience and the measurable benefit of a service. Behind every type of service are people of different occupations, characters, and life backgrounds. The highest service quality can only be attained through service management which consistently concentrates on the emotional and technical expertise of participating suppliers. The positive experience of human emotions is a conscious aspect in our definition of service quality. Thereby, we adhere naturally to the highest level of professionalism.

Servicebroker GmbH uses precise quality criteria for arranging services to meet your challenges. With more feeling for service, we analyze your problems together with you, to find a comprehensive approach. Constant control and need-suited optimization ensure a long-lasting and positive service result for you and your company. You can rely on it!

100% service made in Germany. Your Servicebroker.

Poor service will tell on!
According to a study 82% of the consumers feel very or extremely frustrated talking to a live operator, which has no answer. About 90% share this negative experience with other people, over 25% of it on the internet.

*Accenture 2009 Global Satisfaction Report