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To protect your event participants, we will discuss with you all the necessary steps for a Covid 19-safe event and draw up a legally compliant event hygiene concept / infection control concept. If you wish, we can take care of the planning and implementation of your event. The health of your participants is our top priority!

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Basic Module:

Event-Hygiene Concept / Infection Control Concept

  • Free initial consultation
  • Individual needs analysis
  • Event hygiene concept / infection protection concept in accordance with the German Infection Protection Act (IfSG) / SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety regulations / ordinance at state level, among others
  • DSGVO-compliant registration form for tracking purposes
  • 20 signage print templates with right of use

From EUR 990 incl. VAT for events with up to 150 participants. For more complex events, we will be happy to provide a quote!

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Event Modul:

Organisation / Implementation

  • Legally compliant recommendations for action and valuable tips for your event
  • Event website
  • Online registration (DSGVO-compliant)
  • Event location
  • Event technology
  • Service personnel
  • Catering
  • Crisis intervention
  • Hygiene officers on site

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The issuing of conditions for holding gatherings is regulated at state level. Example Bavaria:

15 BayIfSMV, § 7 Infection protection concepts

In the area of commerce, markets and shopping centres, services and the
services and crafts with customer traffic, fully inpatient care facilities pursuant to section 71 subsection 2 of the Book of the Social Code, the facilities for people with disabilities within the meaning of § 2 para. 1 of the of the Ninth Book of the Social Code in which integration assistance services are provided day and night and residences for the elderly, hospitals, preventive care and rehabilitation facilities in which a rehabilitation facilities in which medical care comparable to that provided in hospitals is given comparable to hospitals (facilities pursuant to section 23, paragraph 3, sentence 1, nos. 1 and 3 IfSG) as well as in outpatient care out-of-hospital intensive care residential communities, at public and private events, gatherings in accordance with Article 8 of the Basic Law in closed rooms, for sports facilities and sporting events, leisure facilities of all kinds, the catering trade, the accommodation sector, conferences, congresses, trade fairs, universities, schools, day-care facilities for children, vocational further education, extracurricular education, libraries, archives, in the field of culture, for theatres, operas, concert halls, etc. theatres, operas, concert halls, stages, cinemas, museums, exhibitions, memorials, objects of the Bavarian Administration of State Palaces, Gardens and Lakes, amateur and amateur ensembles as well as
in comparable cases, the operator or organiser must draw up and observe an individual infection control concept. and to comply with it. 2 This does not apply if an event or gathering comprises fewer than 100 persons.



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FAQ Covid-19-safe events

Yes, events may take place under certain conditions. First check the current legal situation and the corresponding regulations at the state level.

Assemblies according to §8 GG, company, public, social care-related assemblies, as well as cultural and sporting events are permitted under certain conditions.

Yes. And no. That varies depending on the federal state and the ordinance. However, due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, an event hygiene concept / infection control concept is certainly helpful. It contains the minimum legal requirements for hygiene measures and occupational health and safety and is individually adapted to your event.

Observe the current legal situation and the legal ordinances (CoronaSchVO) at the state level. The regulations change continuously due to the current infection situation. Therefore, the legal ordinances must be regularly checked and, if necessary, adapted by the time of the event.

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A Covid 19-safe event means that the risk of infection at your event is minimised through precise planning and the creation of a hygiene concept so that all visitors are protected from possible infection and a spread of the coronavirus cannot take place.

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A hygiene officer is a certified expert in all relevant hygiene issues for your event and advises you on all necessary hygiene measures. He/she carries out a risk assessment and develops an appropriate hygiene concept for your event.

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In general, the AHA-L rules are to be observed, which can also be found in the legal regulations (CoronaSchVO). Masks must be worn at all confined spaces at the venue, and sufficient washing and disinfection facilities must be provided. For events in closed rooms, sufficient ventilation must also be provided. A detailed implementation of these hygiene rules should be listed in your hygiene concept.

The organiser of an event is anyone who bears the responsibility and risk of the event and has significant decision-making powers. He/she is contractually named as the organiser and acts as the organiser to the outside world. The responsible organiser for your event must be clearly identified in advance.

Signage about mandatory masks, distance and hygiene labels (hand washing, sneeze and cough labels) should be part of the basic equipment of your event. Depending on the venue, individual signage such as the number of people in lifts, entrances and exits, disinfectant locations, etc. should also be provided.

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Yes, the contact details of all visitors must be recorded. In the event of a confirmed case of Covid 19 in a visitor to your event, the health department must be able to identify and contact all visitors.

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During contact data collection, personal data of all visitors such as surname, first name, address, telephone number or e-mail address and date as well as times of stay are recorded. This data must ensure the traceability of all visitors for the health department. In terms of data protection, the data must be kept for 4 weeks.

According to the legal regulations (CoronaSchVO), large-scale events are festive events such as street festivals, wine festivals, shooting festivals, etc. These are currently prohibited because the number of participants in the federal states is usually exceeded and compliance with hygiene regulations cannot be guaranteed. In addition, due to the changing public traffic, the traceability of the visitors cannot be guaranteed.

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