For travelers, the feeling of wellbeing at a particular location determines the quality of the stay.

  • Only a well-rested guest is a communicative guest.
  • Only a pampered guest feels welcome.
  • Only a calm stomach can create a good gut feeling.
  • Only a guest who is well taken care of and advised looks forward to forging new paths with you.

Servicebroker creates tangible hospitality!

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The words “fully booked” do not exist in our vocabulary! We see challenges as a stimulus. For groups of 10 or more, we find and book hotel accommodations throughout Germany. As a long term partner and supplier to the international hotel industry, we negotiate the best conditions for you at the best price.

Use this free service and gain valuable time to invest in your more important tasks.

For meetings and conferences, we offer complete internet hotel booking applications in your design.

The successful course of a delegation trip is based on numerous factors:

  • Can existing relations be strengthened and developed?
  • Can new contacts be established?
  • Thereby, will new opportunities result?
  • Will a knowledge exchange take place?

As a host it is your goal to answer these questions positively and follow them with an exclamation mark. While the host is firmly concentrated on the result, interpersonal factors leading to positive success can often fall into the background. Experience your guests becomming business companions!

Through careful analysis of your goals, a precisely planned process, and professional selection and employment of the best suited service providers, Servicebroker ensures a welcome feeling for your guests. We hope that from your guests, you will gain business companions.

These original Servicebroker photos show people who feel comfortable whether as guests or hosts. See impressions of evocative places and culinary delights. You see musicians and entertainers who let our service sound.

Service, which connects!