About us

Since the foundation in 1999, Servicebroker supports companies and institutions in planning, arranging and conducting of meetings, conferences, trade shows, incentives and other events from eight to 8,000 participants.

As trained professionals we are always focused on highest quality service. We take care of your guests wellbeeing – with maximum commitment, expertise and passion for service.

As versatile our clients and their target groups are so diverse is our selection of methods by which we bring well-being to them and moreover, enthusiasm for your brand and message.

Since 2004 we share our expertise and experience with young professionals as an instructor for event and travel management and thus contribute to improving service quality in Germany.

International enterprises, institutions, and trade fairs trust our all-around service. Get to know the Servicebroker experience: “More Feeling for Service!”.

Servicebroker are modern service retailer.

Servicebroker is a modern service retailer. As a wholesaler, we deliver the most favorable conditions to you. Our experience and expertise secures highest service quality.

As trained event professionals we love to take care of the wellbeing of your guests!

Servicebroker are mobile, any time connected to digital knowledge, flexible, quickly ready for action and 100% solution-needs- and service-oriented.


Servicebroker creates service concepts and service spaces.

Based upon our combined careful analysis of your challenges, we plan and execute needs-oriented solutions for you.

International enterprises, institutions, and trade fairs trust our all-around service. Get to know the Servicebroker experience: “More Feeling for Service!

Man and Machine in the 21st Century – networked thinking, digital knowledge storage and barrier-free communication should facilitate life. Yet the constant, ungratified pursuit for the perfect machine, one with the same capabilities as man, generates continual disappointment, excessive demands, and it thus unsettles the society. Computer crashes, spam, spying, flawed operating systems, compatibility problems, media discontinuity, etc. rob valuable time and energy from our lives.

Servicebroker stands for the fusion of expertisepassion for service, and media competency. When a search machine fails to supply answers, we are there to help. Servicebroker knows that solutions aren’t found in the internet, they are found in knowing the searcher. Before the solution can be determined, one must understand the needs of the people involved.

Service, when viewed as an internationally understood language, is best suited to positively fulfill needs. Servicebroker offers human solutions to complex challenges through service concepts and service spaces.

Servicebroker GmbH is the pilot project of the above vision.

Service quality constitutes both the tangible service experience and the measurable benefit of a service. Behind every type of service are people of different occupations, characters, and life backgrounds. The highest service quality can only be attained through service management which consistently concentrates on the emotional and technical expertise of participating suppliers. The positive experience of human emotions is a conscious aspect in our definition of service quality. Thereby, we adhere naturally to the highest level of professionalism.

Servicebroker GmbH uses precise quality criteria for arranging services to meet your challenges. With more feeling for service, we analyze your problems together with you, to find a comprehensive approach. Constant control and need-suited optimization ensure a long-lasting and positive service result for you and your company. You can rely on it!

100% service made in Germany. Your Servicebroker.

Poor service will tell on!
According to a study 82% of the consumers feel very or extremely frustrated talking to a live operator, which has no answer. About 90% share this negative experience with other people, over 25% of it on the internet.

*Accenture 2009 Global Satisfaction Report

Dominik Markoč,
Founder and Managing Director

Servicebroker of the first hour, passionate, professional service designer and host since its company foundation in 1999.
Trained hospitalty and event professional, Marketingwirt / Bavarian Marketing Academy. Instructor for young event and travel professionals. 20 years of experience with business hospitality and events for groups, design of service concepts and service spaces for fairs, companies, institutions and cultural projects.
Professional credo: “More Feeling for Service!“. Wife and two daughters who exceed all wishes. Rooted with Dalmatia, therefore inherently minimalist.

Dominik Markoč